Episode #1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Soulful MBA Podcast! Today’s episode is an introduction to the two of us and our vision for this project. Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery are the co-founders of the Namastream Software platform and the Soulful MBA online course and community. Although we come from very different backgrounds, we found common ground as ambitious moms looking to break into an industry dominated by young men. This is the story of our meeting and our intuitively-driven decision to go into business together.

About Jennifer: I believe that starting a technology company has been the single most empowering experience of my life and I want to use what I’ve learned to empower other entrepreneurs and small business owners to master their own technical prowess. I’m a recovering adrenaline junkie — formerly obsessed with both the thrill of danger and the ego boost of achievement. I’m a lawyer, a mama, an artist, a yogi… I have traveled to very dangerous places — both out in the world, but also deep within myself. I spent more than a decade of my life focused on addressing the global crisis of climate change, worked in strategic roles within multiple presidential campaigns, and somehow managed to get into the Ivy League after dropping out of high school. I believe that curiosity is the most important skill to cultivate and maintain and that lifelong learning is key to health and happiness. I believe that there is a lot of brokenness in the world and that building beautiful things, with our minds, our hands, and our words, is our responsibility and our gift.

About Sandy: In 2013, I sold a traditional brick and mortar retail business and clinic after an amazing twenty-year career. It was time to start something new. I didn’t know what that was going to be but knew a change was overdue. I had no idea a software company was in my future. I took a blind leap of faith and never looked back. Creating a tech company from scratch has provided me with a new way of operating. A new way of living with freedom around when and how I work. And I love it. I revel in the unstructured-ness of my days each and every morning. I get giddy over the fact that I choose how I spend my hours. Entrepreneurship is about creativity. You are always creating (the good and the bad) and need to know how to tap into the flow of the Universe so those ideas are flowing effortlessly. It’s also about listening to your heart, finding clarity in silence, and taking an occasional leap of faith – just because it feels right. I now know that success arrives when you operate from a deep sense of purpose, integrity and a place of authenticity. These are non-negotiable traits. I don’t believe in balance, but instead, work within my personal fits and starts. I take action when I am inspired and lay low when I’m not. I no longer force things.

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