Episode #12

Gumption, as a word and as a concept (which Americans often refer to as “tenacity”), dates back to Scotland in the early 1700s, and although the concept is quite old, we think that it is a critical component of modern entrepreneurship.

This episode explores a number of strategies we recommend for building up your own capacity for gumption:

1. Set yourself up for success with self-care.

  1. Start setting goals that you can control and then don’t let yourself off the hook. (Keep your word to yourself.)
    3. It’s ok to try something new. (Creative problem-solving is arguably the most important skill in entrepreneurship.)
    4. Capture successes + celebrate heroes and legends.
    5. Community + accountability. (It is SO hard to be brave in a vacuum.)


Other Mentions: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Joy: Do something creative that scares you. #bebrave

Hustle: Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass

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